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Ruth Dixon (Mielke), interviewed by Rebecca Mavencamp, October 25th 2013


Biographical Information:


Ruth Mielke was born in 1929 the daughter of Herman Mielke, owner of Breezy Point Resort, more commonly known as Mielke’s Resort. She spent her childhood helping at the resort, and then worked for three years in Minneapolis before marrying John Dixon in 1949. They lived in several different states, then returned to Minnesota “where there was more dancing.” They currently enjoy the company of four children and multiple grandchildren.

Subjects Discussed:


Information on rural life and entertainment, particularly as it pertained to her family resort on Lake Sarah; fishing; teaching the “city kids” how to catch turtles and handle snakes; a description of the resort property; making and cleaning boats; and growing worms.

Enjoy the full interview on video, listen to the interview on audio file, or read the interview transcription:

Interview - Ruth Dixon / Rebecca Mavencamp
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