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Loren and Carol Harff (Heidelberger), interviewed by Rebecca Mavencamp, July 30th 2013


Biographical Information:


Loren was born on the same piece of property he lives on currently with his wife, Carol. They were married in 1957 after meeting at Lake Sarah Pavilion and holding their wedding dance there. Loren attended one year of high school before leaving to work on the farm with his father. Carol They raised two children on the farm.​​

Subjects Discussed:


Information on rural life and entertainment, particularly as it pertained to the Lake Sarah Pavilion, the Transformer Inn, the Rockford House and area fishing locations; the changes in entertainment community; musicians, particularly Whoopee John and Lake Sarah statistics.

Enjoy the full interview on video, listen to the interview on audio file, or read the interview transcription:

Inteview - Loren & Carol Harff / Rebecca Mavencamp
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