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Myron (Mike) Rux, interviewed by Rebecca Mavencamp, Sept. 19th 2013


Biographical Information:


Myron Rux was born on his grandfather’s original farm homestead in Greenfield. He married Eleanor Morin and together they raised four children while working two jobs. He played baseball for 25 years for several local teams including Loretto and Rockford. He served in the Army for two years and now enjoys travelling to see his out-of-state children.

Subjects Discussed:


Information on rural life and entertainment, particularly as it pertains to the Lake Sarah Pavilion, the Transformer, and Brookside Tavern; Rockford and Loretto baseball; and the rural culture of the 1940s and 1950s.

Enjoy the full interview on video, listen to the interview on audio file, or read the interview transcription:

Interview - Mike Rux / Rebecca Mavencamp
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