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Edwin and Mary Schumacher (Cavanaugh), interviewed by Rebecca Mavencamp, July 22nd 2013


Biographical Information:


Ed Schumacher met his wife, Mary Cavanaugh, at the Lake Sarah Pavilion where his parents worked at the bar. During their 55 years of marriage, they have raised children and farmed the area, participated in local community and church events, and cared for her father. Ed served in the Korean War and played baseball every week until turning his attention fully to the farm operations and his family.

Subjects Discussed:


Information on rural life and entertainment, particularly as it pertained to the Lake Sarah Pavilion and similar establishments; the local baseball teams; music; and raising a family in a small community making the choice to put fun at the center of their world.

Listen to the full interview on audio file, or read the interview transcription:

Interview - Edwin & Mary Schumacher / Rebecca Mavencamp
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