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Arlene Mutterer (Kettenacker), interviewed by Rebecca Mavencamp, July 26th 2013


Biographical Information:


Arlene Kettenacker was born in 1940. Her family moved to Greenfield in 1947. She attended country school and helped on the family farm and waitressed at local cafes while attending Business school. She graduated from Rockford High School and married Eugene Mutterer in 1960. They made their home in Rockford and Greenfield. Arlene has been a full-time partner with her husband, sharing both the physical and financial responsibilities for their business. The couple had two children.

Subjects Discussed:


Information on rural life and entertainment, particularly the Lake Sarah Pavilion and local gathering places; waitressing at the Mutterer diner and the Rockford House; the Delano movie theater and community movie showings; and visiting the Transformer Inn as a child; fishing on Lake Sarah.

Enjoy the full interview on video, listen to the interview on audio file, or read the interview transcription:

Interview - Arlene Mutterer / Rebecca Mavencamp
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