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Agnes Kohnen (Volkenant), interviewed by Rebecca Mavencamp, July 22nd 2013


Biographical Information: 


Agnes Volkenant spent her childhood years in St. Leo, Minnesota after her birth on June 8, 1926. Her family moved to Lyndale in 1940, where her family operated a 260-acre farm. She worked at a local hotel and later as a waitress and partner at the bars in Rockford, having moved to the south side of Lake Independence in 1943. Agnes married Marlin Kohnen in 1946. They made their home in Greenfield and Burschville, creating a large farming operation. Agnes has been a full-time partner with her husband, sharing both the physical and financial responsibilities for their business. The couple had six children. She has been involved with several public service projects and served on the Greenfield City Council.

Subjects Discussed:


Information on rural life and entertainment, particularly the Lake Sarah Pavilion, where Agnes met her husband; the installation of the public access on the south side of the lake; comparison of lifestyle past and present; business partnership in the Red Vest; Coon fry’s; dancing; and a farm accident that involved her husband.​

This is just a "visual teaser", we're working on publishing the full length interview on video!

... meanwhile listen to the full interview on audio file, or read the interview transcription:

Interview - Agnes Kohnen / Rebecca Mavencamp
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